Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Shoes from Boohoo

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I just returned home from a three week long trip with my dad (pictures coming soon).  However, before I left I purchased two new pairs of amazing shoes from boohoo.com. 
The first pair is a cute low heeled nude flat.
These are very classic but with some trendy accents (the spikes and the ankle strap).  I wore these only once before leaving for my trip to a local art walk.  They were pretty comfortable for most of the night.  If it wasn't for the ankle strap they definitely would slip right off.  Because of this, I had to buckle them pretty tight.  Other than that, they were pretty comfortable.  These flats were also very reasonably priced; they were only $30.
The other pair of shoes I purchased were an adorable pair of red ankle boots.
I love these boots so, so much.  They are much more comfortable than people might think.  I brought these with me on my trip with my dad and wore these almost everyday.  I walked all around London, Rome, and Florence wearing these, and my feet were perfectly comfortable.  The price is what really makes these special; they were priced at only $36 plus they had an additional 10% off!
I love boohoo.com.  I find it very reliable, and the shoes haven't let me down yet.  Though I haven't purchased any clothes from there yet, all of the shoes I have ordered have fit really well.  Overall, I love boohoo and totally recommend it.  The link is below if anyone is interested:
(BONUS: They have free shipping to the USA!)

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