Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Fame & Partners Dress

(My new cat friend from the neighborhood.)
Fame & Partners Warrior Dress

The infamous Fame & Partners dress.  Remember before prom I mentioned how I ordered a dress for prom and was hoping it would show up on time?  Well, it didn't.  I ordered this dress three weeks before prom (April 27th to be exact), and they guaranteed that it would get here in 10-14 days.  Well it showed up the week after prom (May 21st, almost a month after placing the order).  Well, I guess now I have my prom dress for next year.  
After receiving the dress, I love it.  However there are some, well, flaws or issues I guess you could say.  First of all, I just want to say that I "customized" the dress.  What I mean by that is that it was originally a mini dress, but I had it "customized" to make it knee length.  Take a look:

(Photos from Fame & Partners)

Now let's get onto the details.  On the site, it claims that it is a loose, velvet, shift dress.  I know that I ordered it longer, thus not making it a shift dress anymore.  However, my dress is anything but velvet as it has a sheer organza overlay on it.  Along with that, it is not loose.  It has structured, almost corseted bodice making it a very form fitting dress.  Next we have the difference of the back of the dress.  Just take a second to compare my photo to the photo of the back of the dress on the site.  My final "issue" with the dress, one you can't tell too much from the photos, are the built in cups.  They are way too high up on the dress.

Fame & Partners has beautiful and unique dresses; it's what initially drew me to this site.  My advice for ordering from this site?  A few tips: 1) If you order from here, make sure you order at least two months before you need it, as it took almost a month for my dress to arrive.  2) If you don't have to, try not to customize the dress.  I'm pretty sure that's one of the reasons why it took my dress so long to get here.  Also, this site has been progressively raising their prices.  Customization used to be free, like when I ordered my dress, but you can now see from the pictures above that customization has a fee.  3) Their customer service is not great.  Let me clarify, when you email or call them someone always responds.  They are very nice, but they don't really do much.  I worked closely with one through email, she is incredibly nice and polite, but she had no real authority over working directly with your order as she is based in Australia and the dresses ship from China.

I do love my dress, and I can't wait to wear it to prom... next year.  I hope this was also a good informative post about the site Fame & Partners.  Have you ever had experience with this site?  Tell me about what you've experienced.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Purple Lipstick

Tee - Primark, Jeans - The Gap, Ankle Boots - Rock & Republic for Kohls, Bag - asos, Necklace - unknown, Bracelet - unknown, Belt - JCPenny's
Lipstick - L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick in The Mystic's Kiss, Mascara - 17 Va Va Voom in Blackest Black

I've had this purple lipstick for a while now.  I got it when the TV show Project Runway did one of their many collabs with L'Oreal Paris (I believe this particular season was season 11).  I missed out on Project Runway's first collab with L'Oreal, so when this collab came out, I knew that I just had to get a piece from it.  I was very excited about it when I first got it, but until recently I had kinda forgotten about it.  It wasn't until Lorde started wearing her signature purple lipstick.  She pulls it off so well, so I decided to pull mine out.  My lipstick is a much deeper purple in the tube, so I expected it to look more like hers.  However, when I actually wear it, it has a lot pink in it.  It is still a pretty color, and I think that it brings out my green eyes, but it's not as deep as I was hoping.  I think I might just go and buy the new M.A.C and Lorde collab lipstick.  I think I'll get just the color I want this way.
Along with the purple lipstick, I decided to wear neutral colors so the lipstick would really pop.  I paired it with my black and white striped tee tucked into my boyfriend jeans.  The ankle boots I wore are one of my favorite pairs of shoes to pair with these jeans.  Since the boots have gold detailing, I also decided to wear my black and gold belt, and my gold Buddha jewelry.

So I've been messing around with the layout of my blog a little bit.  What do you think?  I rather like the new title picture I've added.  Also, I've joined LookBook!  If you're interested in checking me out, you can click the links on the side.  I hope you check it out!

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Pillow Purse

Though it may sound from the title that I am showing you a purse that doubles as a pillow, this purse would be the most uncomfortable pillow if you actually tried to use it as such.  I bought this when I was in Denver a few weeks ago, I just forgot to include it in my earlier Denver haul.  I bought it at an adorable vintage purse shop in downtown Denver.  There the people were incredibly nice and knowledgeable.  They said that Pillow Purses were popular in London from the late 1960s to the early 1970s.  I fell in love with this the moment I spotted it in the collection of the other purses, but knowing that it is possibly from the 1960s (my favorite decade) and possibly from London (my favorite place on Earth) made me love it even more!  They also told me that the Beatles helped popularize them as they were spotted wearing them.  After people saw the Beatles wearing them, their popularity spread like a wild fire.  The purse weren't popular for too many years, which is understandable as this is very impractical.
There are many other types of purses available.  Most of them are all the same basic shape, but vary in size, metals, interior fabrics, and details.  The one I chose is rather small... well, pretty small.  I placed my iPod next to it in the second photo to show how small it is.  The shop where I purchased this had two other pillow purses; one the same size but more detailed and another detailed one but larger.  The chain strap on this one is also an awkward length; it's a bit too short to really be useful.  Even though this purse is actually really impractical, I just love it so much.  It's lined with with a beautiful purple velvet (though it looks blue in the photo).  The details on the clasp make it look so antique, almost Victorian. 
So what do you think of it?  I'm trying to think of some uses for it; I think I could fit some lip balm and loose cash in there.  I'd love to hear you ideas of how I could use it!    

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Start

Crop Top - Annabelle, Shorts - American Apparel, Ankle Boots - Rock & Republic, Ring - Gap
Make Up:
Lipstick - M.A.C Red Lipstick

Finally.  My long school year is over.  At the same time, this was one of the quickest school years I've ever encountered.  As happy as I am to have the school year over, this was one of the best years I've had.  I had great classes and great teachers, I hope next year I'll be lucky enough to experience another year like this one.

To celebrate to day of summer, I decided to wear shorts and a crop top.  Of course, these shorts are so high waisted, one can barely tell that this is actually a crop top.  On the top are daisies.  Am I the only one who noticed how popular daisies are this season?  I went to TJ Maxx the other day, and they practically had an entire section devoted to daisies.  Well, I eventually bought into the daisies when I found this top; it was just too cute to put back.  So I paired it with my super high waisted shorts, my cut out ankle boots, and of course red lipstick (how can you go wrong with red lipstick?) to make a perfect summer outfit.  

Well, I'm off to a bonfire.  My friend wants to burn all her papers from her US class.  I might just join her with that (but burn my chemistry things instead).

Monday, June 9, 2014

Denver Haul

(Outfit One)
Top - H&M, Skirt - H&M, Flatforms - C-Label, Sunglasses - unknown
(Outfit Two)
Top - H&M, Jeans - Urban Outfitters, Flatforms - C-Label, Sunglasses - unknown
(Outfit Three)
Coat - H&M

If you can't tell from what I'm wearing, I particularly love H&M.  It has been one of my favorites stores for years.  It wasn't until recently that H&M launched its site online, so I'm still not use to being able to order from H&M online.  So whenever I go to a city big enough to have an H&M (because obviously my small town doesn't have an H&M), I always go all out.
Recently I've been eyeing matching skirts and tops.  I thought for summer, they would be great items.  While I was at H&M, I found this navy, gingham skirt and matching crop top.  I was initially hesitant for two reasons, 1) It's navy.  I own almost nothing navy because almost my entire wardrobe is black.  I wasn't sure how the navy would look with the black.  2)  It's a crop top.  I've never worn crop tops before, and I wasn't sure how it look on my body.  As much as I love clothes, I often find myself rather self conscious about my body.  But after trying the two pieces on, I loved both of them and decided to go for it.
The second outfit is the same crop top and high waisted jeans from Urban Outfitters.  Recently, my favorite pair of jeans that I bought in London has been dying out.  I love, love high waisted jeans (I really can't stand anything below mid-rise), and one of my friends has this great pair of high waisted jeans from Urban Outfitters.  So while I was in Denver, I ended up buying the same exact pair as her.  I kept the crop top on with this to show how high waisted the jeans are.  
Finally, there's the coat.  Oh, the coat.  It seems like all of the street style stars have either a) a tailored, menswear inspired coat, or b) a pink coat.  When I saw this coat on the racks of H&M it practically called to me.  It called, "Elizabeth!  I'm over here!  I'm the coat of your dreams!"  And boy was it right.  It fits me absolutely perfectly, and is an item I've been looking for just can't find where I live.
That's all for now.  Tomorrow is my last day of finals and my last day of school.  Summer here I come!  I might have one or two pictures from my actual trip to post.  Hopefully soon!  

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