Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Layering Leather and Fur


Jacket (Fur): Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's, Jacket (Leather): Forever 21, Blouse: Mine (brand), Jeans: Topshop, Boots: Bongo, Sunglasses: Daisy Fuentes
Today I had a lot of fun with layering my different jackets.  Earlier today I was just wearing the base jacket from Forever 21.  I just received the jacket in the mail yesterday, so I was really excited to wear it today.  Along with the jacket, I paired it with my sheer, blue Mine blouse, my black skinnies from Topshop, and my Bongo boots.  It wasn't until the afternoon when I started wearing the fur.  I wore the fur to school yesterday and left it in my locker.  So when I brought it home today, I decided to throw it over my leather one I was already wearing.  I've seen this look before on various street style blogs and decided to take a risk and try it.  I personally feel that it looks amazing together.  Then when I went outside, it was rather bright out so I threw on my sunglasses.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Peter Pilotto for Target

Cardigan: Target, Top: Peter Pilotto for Target, Skirt: Target, Boots: Bongo, Mascara: Ck One Color Mascara in Black
It wasn't until after I took these pictures, that everything I'm wearing, excluding my boot are from Target.  Even my tights are from Target!  I love Target, and now I realize that I probably shop there WAY too often.  However, Target actually has amazing finds, especially when they have their awesome collabs with designers.  I loved their collab with Prabal Gurung last, and their collab with Phillip Lim a few months ago was also great.  Unfortunately, living in a small town, my Target doesn't always get everything that's advertised.  The Phillip Lim collection was a bust at my Target; they only received two racks of clothing and one purse.  Luckily, for this most recent collection, my Target received a good three racks of clothing.  My Target received a majority of the collection, however there were a few items that they didn't have which I was hoping for.  
Two things I was really hoping for, was the long sleeved dress on the left and the skirt and top on the right (especially the dress).  I was rather disappointed that my Target didn't have either of those, but I was able to score the red dress in the middle.  The dress is great, and it came with a great black and white belt.  The dress itself has a very slight high-low hemline, which I'm not always a fan of, but since it is so slight I like it.  I would love to wear tomorrow or even yesterday, but the weather here is way too cold and unpredictable to wear such a light, summer-y dress.  Because of the material of this dress, and my inability to wear it until April, I also scored the long sleeve that I'm wearing above.  The shirt is very layer-able, making it great for the weather here.
While I was at Target, I decided to pull the trigger and finally buy this scuba/neoprene skirt that I've been eyeing for about a month.  It reminds me of this skirt that I saw when I was in London, from this AMAZING store called "& Other Stories."  However, the skirt there was about $75, and their website doesn't ship to the United States.  So when I saw this replica at Target for only $23, I knew that it was fate, and I just had to get it. 
I'm hoping that when the Peter Pilotto items go on clearance, there are still a good amount of items to choose from (I have my eye on a few more things).

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Birthday Weekend!

Jumper: Dex, Skirt: Target, Jacket: Jennifer Lopez for Kohls, Boots: Kenneth Cole REACTION, Hat: Target, Necklace: Target, Rings: (left to right) JCPenny's, Kohls, Kohls, World Market.
Eyeliner: Tokidoki Perfetto eyeliner in Sabochan, Mascara: 17 Va Va Voom in Blackest Black, Lip Balm: L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Balm in Nourishing Nude.

This past weekend it was my birthday!  Last year my birthday was really small and boring, so this year I knew that I wanted to do something at least a bit more interesting.  So this year, a few friends and I went to see That Awkward Moment in the theater, then afterwards we came back to my house for cake. 
Even though I was just going to a movie, it was still my birthday, so I wanted to wear something kinda crazy.  I got this (faux) fur jacket for Christmas, and I've just been dying to wear it.  So I knew that I wanted to wear it for my birthday.  I decided to pair it with a bright, red jumper, a pencil skirt and tights, boots and a beanie.  Then I added some of my favorite jewelry; a lot more than I'd wear on a normal day.  Wearing these, I was still able to stay warm and look cute.  At the movies, I definitely noticed that I was overdressed, but I didn't care.  I loved what I was wearing, and that is what is important.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Neoprene Skirt

Jumper: Mine (brand), Skirt: New Look, Converse
Just a quick post today.  I took these photos last week, right before the shoot I did with my friends, so I kinda forgot about these.  Here I'm wearing a new jumper from TJ Maxx.  I really didn't want to wear it how most people at my school wear it, just thrown over a pair of jeans (and I admit, I do that on mornings when either I'm tired or it's very cold).  So I decided to wear something contrasting to the big, soft jumper.  I decided that my neoprene wrap skirt that I bought in London would be a perfect contrast.  Along with that I wore black tights, since it's winter, and my good old Converse.
Unfortunately, the weather here is going to get even colder (the high for tomorrow is 0 degrees).  This probably means that I will be living in warm sweaters and jeans to keep me warm for the next week.

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