Tuesday, April 21, 2020

All I Want for Spring is Smock Dresses

I've been a fan of smock dresses for about two years now.  It was the summer of 2018, and I started my first real internship.  I quickly befriended a fellow intern (who I'm still close to today), who would rock a different smock dress each day.  I already had one in my closet at that point, and it quickly went from one dress to two, two dresses to three.  Whether they're long sleeve or short sleeve, midi or mini, they're easy, light, and make getting dressed a breeze.  So here are a few of my favorites at the moment, even if I'm not sure when I'll next being buying clothes (#quarantinelife).

Macy's - $99
Alright, this dress is no stranger to a bit of controversy.  Fans of Diet Prada might recognize this dress from a post that they did on Danielle Bernstein's ripoff inspiration from Scandinavian designer Cecilie Bahnsen.  This designer is known for their voluminous, smock dresses, and most notably Bernstein was photographed attending Bahnsen's most recent show.  As much as I love Diet Prada and their dedication to calling out big brand BS, I fell hard for this Macy's dress.  And in a time when money is a little short for everyone, this $99 price tag doesn't hurt either.  The green color is a dainty pastel green, reminiscent of 19th century watercolor landscapes and perfect for the transition from spring to summer.  My mom worries that it looks fairly short (hey, a mini is a mini), but I am also a big fan of the short sleeves it has; last summer I wore one of my long sleeve smock dresses on a 95 degree day and just about died from heat.

Kitri Studio - $160
A true smock dress, this long sleeved mini has a tight, smocked bodice.  The dress has a late '60s/early '70s silhouette, something which I've always adored.  And while it is long sleeve, the light weight fabric and fun polka dot pattern make it great for the upcoming summertime (and maybe with some tights and Dr. Martens this could easily transition into the autumn).  It's a bit on the pricier end of my list, so I doubt it'll make it into my wardrobe anytime soon, but considering it's from Kitri Studio, you know that the quality will be worth it.

Voluminous Puff Sleeve Midi Dress
& Other Stories - $119
Oh man, this dress is so me.  As cute as the previous two dresses are, I love a midi length.  It's plain black meaning it can go with anything, and I also find the longer length easier to wear into the cooler months.  During the summer it can be worn on its own with sandals, and in the fall you can throw a leather jacket over it and pair it with some stand out trainers.  Unfortunately it's not yet available (it's listed as 'coming soon'), but I'm sure when it comes out I will immediately be adding it to my basket.

Well, those are my three favorite smock dresses currently of the season.  If you had told me last year that I'd be loving a green dress, I probably wouldn't have believed it, however it shows how much someone can change in a year.  But, I'm always on the lookout for future dress for my wardrobe, so please let me know what your favorite dresses for spring are in the comments!

Elizabeth xx


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