Saturday, July 6, 2013

Trip to Europe! Finally Home....

I'm finally home from Europe.  I love it there, and it really made me realize that I really don't want to live in the Rockies forever.  As soon as I graduate, I hope that I can move to either Paris or London.  Luckily I have another chance to go to Europe this summer.  I'll be going to London and Italy.  I can't wait.  But for now, home is nice for relaxing.
One of my friends, who went on the trip to Europe with me, just sent me this photo.  I'm standing behind Notre Dame.

Just a warning for anyone going to Paris soon (specifically this area by Notre Dame); there are lots of pick pockets and cons.  One of my friends kept being asked to donate money to a sketchy sounding "charity".  And another one of my friends got pickpocketed by some gypsies (luckily he was able to get his money back).


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Trip to Europe! Final Stop: Versailles

It was the last day of the trip the other day.  It was a bit depressing, but I was starting to miss my bed.  For the last day, my group and I went to Versailles.  It was beyond beautiful.  I wasn't able to see the gardens, but the interior and the exteriors I was able to see were wonderful.
Here I am in front of the gates.

In the courtyard, I also saw some very interesting fashion.  I saw one woman wearing a crazy pair of heels, and I have no idea how she was walking on that cobblestone road (I wasn't able to get a picture though). 

After Versailles, my group and I went back to Paris for a final dinner and a ride on the bateau mouche.  But first, my friend and I went to say "Bonjour" to a, somewhat creepy, living statue.

The bateau mouche ride was beautiful, and it was a great way to say "au revoir" to such a fantastic city.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Trip to Europe! Finally in Paris!

I finally made it to Paris!  Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world so of course this was the stop I was excited for the most. 

After going to the Eiffel Tower, I finally made it to La Galerie Lafayette.  I was super excited to go inside when I received the most unfortunate news... it was Sunday.  In Europe it's a bit of a tradition to close stores on Sunday for family.  I was able to look inside the windows though.

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