Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Trip to Europe! Final Stop: Versailles

It was the last day of the trip the other day.  It was a bit depressing, but I was starting to miss my bed.  For the last day, my group and I went to Versailles.  It was beyond beautiful.  I wasn't able to see the gardens, but the interior and the exteriors I was able to see were wonderful.
Here I am in front of the gates.

In the courtyard, I also saw some very interesting fashion.  I saw one woman wearing a crazy pair of heels, and I have no idea how she was walking on that cobblestone road (I wasn't able to get a picture though). 

After Versailles, my group and I went back to Paris for a final dinner and a ride on the bateau mouche.  But first, my friend and I went to say "Bonjour" to a, somewhat creepy, living statue.

The bateau mouche ride was beautiful, and it was a great way to say "au revoir" to such a fantastic city.


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