Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Oh, Hey

Dress - Zara | Boots - Miista | Bag - Gucci

Oh, hey.  Long time no see, am I right?  This is definitely the longest break I've done on here.  I spent a long time wondering if my blog was something that I wanted to continue; with the rise of more image based platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, are blogs even relevant anymore?  And no longer being in the beautiful city of London (although these photos were taken there before I left), I could feel all my inspiration and motivation dwindling away.  But lately I've really been missing working on this little old piece of the internet.  I want to keep this up.  I want to create images that I'm proud of and write about topics that are important to me.  My blog has actually helped me a great deal in life, so it seems a bit of a shame to let it go now.  And with that in mind, happy seventh (7!!!) anniversary to Wear She's Gone.  Once known as Rockin' the Rockies Style, this blog was created when I was just an unsure 16 year old with dreams of London.  Now I'm an unsure 23 year old with new dreams to forge.

Let's do this.

Elizabeth xx


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