Thursday, March 26, 2015

Teen Vogue Fashion U: Day Three

 Me with Emma Walker
(photo via

Erika Bearman 

 Oscar de la Renta goodies from the OscarPRgirl herself!

Me with Erika Bearman (!!!)

 Views from the 63rd floor

 After the event ended for the day, I went shopping in SoHo where I found myself in a Topshop dressing room (unfortunately, as much as I love Topshop, I didn't buy anything there).

My diploma and official badge from Fashion U!

Coat - Forever 21, Shirt - Forever 21, Skirt - H&M, Hat - vintage, Boots - amazon
Lipstick - M.A.C Red with Cherry Liner

The final day of Fashion U was pretty short compared to the day before, but was still just as fun.  That morning, I changed my mind at the last minute on what I was going to wear and decided to instead wear this new skirt I picked up from H&M and go for a bit of a '70s vibe.  After putting it on, I immediately fell in love with the look and knew that I had made the right decision about what to wear.
Arriving at the One World Trade Center I had to wait in an incredibly long line to check in, but I actually kinda enjoyed it because it gave me a great view of what everyone was wearing.  I'm pretty sure that everyone who attended Fashion U are the best dressed people on the planet.
I only had one speaker this day, so before her session started I decided to mingle with some other girls.  I talked with some of the Express Style Ambassadors, and it was really interesting to hear about what they had to do as an ambassador (they had to wear at least 50% Express each day of the event).  One of the ambassadors was Emma Walker, who's actually from Colorado.  We talked and discovered that we actually have a ton in common; we both live in places that aren't that fashion-y, we both want to work in fashion, and we both understand what it's like to have a love of fashion when not a lot of other people do.  Here's her post about Fashion U.  
After talking for a bit, we finally headed to Erika Bearman's seminar.  She was an amazing speaker; you could really tell how passionate she was about not only her job as the OscarPRgirl but also the world of fashion.  Along with discussing how she got started in the industry, she gave us some great tips about working in the industry:
"There are no right times.... You just have to do things before you're ready to do them."

"No one cares that much about your career."

"You are enough."

And always ask yourself:
"Did I do everything that I could do?"

After her presentation, she stayed and took pictures with each and every girl.  (As you can tell from above, I got my picture with her!)  She was so nice, and very few of the other speakers (if any) stayed that long.

As the day ended, I received my diploma for my editorial/social/pr major.  It was one of the greatest weekends of my life, I met so many interesting and fashionable people, and I wish it could have lasted longer!  After attending this, I know that fashion is what I'm suppose to do, and that I will one day find a way out of here and to a fashion capital.  I hope that next year I can once again attend Fashion U so I can expand my fashion knowledge even more!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fashion U Day Two // OOTD

Hat - Vintage, Coat - Forever 21, Jumper - Target, Skirt - Zara, Tote - Target, Boots - Amazon

Looking back on these photos I'm questioning why I had that somewhat odd smile on my face, but oh well, can't go back and change it now.

After the first day of seminars at Fashion U were over, my mother and I headed back to our hotel where we found this adorable little park where we decided to take some photos (including a statue made to look like it was made of garbage bags).  The whole day had been rather rainy and gloomy, making it tougher to shoot the photos.

I spent a long time trying to decide what to where to Fashion U.  I knew that I was going to be around some of the best dressed girls in the world, so I had to bring my game.  I decided to stay true to what I always wear and wear lots of black.  Looking back, I probably would not have worn this jumper just because I underestimated how insanely hot it would be inside the building.  But I love the midi skirt that I wore; in fact, I had just picked it up at Zara the day before, which I consider a lucky find.  Finally I threw on my grandmother's old hat (a favorite of mine) and comfortable but cute ankle boots.  The tote I carried, I carried with me the whole trip - not just at Fashion U.  It held everything I needed so well, but most importantly my camera.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures from the final day of Fashion U, then I'll get to the photos from the rest of my trip (like visiting FIT, 5th Ave, and delicious restaurants).  If you have any questions about Fashion U, feel free to ask!  I'll do my best to answer! (:

Elizabeth xx

Friday, March 20, 2015

Teen Vogue Fashion U: Day Two

 Michelle Phan and Amy Astley

Kristen Joy Watts 

The Teen Vogue editors

 Kirby Marzec introducing Aliza Licht

 Kirby's amazing shoes

Aliza Licht

The view from the 63rd floor of the One World Trade Center

Day two of Fashion U started early: 7:30 a.m. to be exact.  When I arrived there were probably about 50 girls in front of me to check in.  I soon realized I was lucky to be standing where I was in line because in a matter of minutes the line was hundreds of girls long (I say girls because of the 550 people attending, I would guess that ten or fewer were guys).
After checking in, I headed up to my first seminar, Michelle Phan, on the 64th floor.  When everyone walked in the room, Express "swag" bags sat on each seat (I'm surprised I didn't take any pictures of them; I'll be sure to take some picks of mine soon).  Regarding Michelle, she is just the sweetest.  After listening to her, we all agreed that she should be a motivational speaker because she just made us all feel so great about ourselves and who we are.  She also reminded everyone that it's impossible to be perfect all the time, or even if there's such thing as perfection (the closest thing being machines).
"Even machines need tune-ups." -Michelle Phan

After Michelle Phan, I went and saw Brian Phillips and Juliana Ribeiro speak.  Brian is the founder and president of Black Frame PR, and Juliana is the VP of the fashion and lifestyle PR department.  I enjoyed this presentation because I found it to be very informative.  Before attending this, I really wasn't familiar with Black Frame, but I now know that they represent many fashion brands including KENZO, Nickolas Kirkwood, Rodarte, Opening Ceremony, and many more.  They also gave us the top three keys to PR:
1) Relationships
2) Research
3) Storytelling
"Fashion goes beyond fashion." - Juliana Ribeiro

Next I went to see Kristen Joy Watts, the head of art and fashion at Instagram.  When I walked into the room, small mugs labeled 'Instagram' greeted everyone (just in case I had forgotten where she worked).  Kristen had a powerpoint for us with tips on who to follow in the fashion industry on Instagram; while that may sound a bit boring, she made it fun by inserting GIFS of Kanye West being Kanye West every few slides.  After the powerpoint, she had everyone partner up and look through each other's Instagram's to see the story it told.

Lunch was after Kristen, where there were different lunch bags for everyone to eat.  I enjoyed a chicken ceasar salad wrap with a warm chocolate chip cookie.  While eating I noticed pictures from Instagram being displayed on a wall; I watched the pictures change, most of them were from Teen Vogue, Fashion U, or its sponsors, but after a few minutes I pleasantly surprised to see my pic with Andrew Bevan flash on the screen!  I was ecstatic to see it because I never thought one of my photos would be shown.  When I was done eating I explored the 63rd floor, which was basically a free space with some things to do during free time.  The new Cinderella movie was one of the sponsors, so there were a ton of Cinderella themed things - the most notable being an official replica of the glass slipper from the movie.  Along with that, there were some Cinderella inspired fashion sketches on the wall and the most delicious chocolates shaped like little shoes.

After lunch I directly went to the Teen Vogue editors panel, who consisted of Dana Matthews, Drew Elovitz, Elaine Welteroth, Erin Kaplan, and, of course, Amy Astley.  It was so interesting to be able to listen to actual editor give personal advice.  They answered a ton of questions, but a main question was: What makes someone standout?
1)  Passion
2)  Research
3)  Body of work
(which can include your blog, especially Instagram, and other social media)
4)  Resume
Other tips:
Get in where you can, then figure out where you want to go.
Be familiar with edit tests - you will be tested
Ask for things

Then, when the editors panel was finished, I was off to go see Aliza Licht, aka the DKNY PR Girl.  There was actually a bit of a mix up because she had switched rooms, so signs around the floor were sending me to a different room.  However since my schedule said 'Aliza Licht' I just asked where her room was (although I was tempted to go see the blogger panel which was in the other room).  When I eventually found my way to the correct room, there were small DKNY bags that contained a new lipstick and nail polish from Aliza's new makeup collection that will be released in May.  Assistant Accessories editor Kirby Marzec introduced Aliza.  I fell in love with Kirby's outfit but specifically her shoes; aren't they just amazing?  I'd love to know what brand they are.  Back to Aliza; in her presentation, she decided to do a specific case study of PR; she chose to present Cara Delevingne X DKNY.  I found it really interesting to hear an actual example, especially how she had to deal with leaks and other trip-ups along the way.  After, she had us try to come up with our own press release for a DKNY watch.  It was much more challenging than I had anticipated (mainly because we only had minutes to think), but some girls really excelled and impressed with their ideas.

The last presenter was Mickey Rapkin, the author of the novel Pitch Perfect (which is probably more known for being a famous movie) as well as being a freelance writer for Teen Vogue, GQ, and other publications.  He was hilarious and told a ton of funny stories about himself and some celebrities he's interviewed.  Other than being very amusing, he also gave us some tips about getting jobs and such:
Seek out internships
Go online
Get an interview
And at the end of the interview (the type where you're asking someone questions for an article or something similar) always ask,
"Is there anything that I didn't ask you, that you wanted to say?" - Mickey Rapkin

Finally at the end of day and after all the speakers, we had a small mix and mingle.  I talked with a few other girls, but I mainly spoke with and listened to Devyn Bell, a graphic designer for Teen Vogue.  She was so cool and answered every questioned asked to her.  I listened to a lot of the other girls questions at first, as they were so interested, and I just enjoyed listening, but eventually I told Devyn where I was from, how I'm hoping to attend FIT next year, and one day want to be a stylist.  After explaining this to her, she told me that her sister actually graduated from FIT with the same major as intend study and now works as a stylist in the city.  She was so helpful, sweet, funny, and amazingly fashionable (she was rocking awesome red lipstick, a studded leather jacket, mom jeans, and ankle boots).  I gave her my card, and she was just amazing to talk to - in case you're reading this, thanks again for taking the time to talk with me and everyone else!!

Every speaker on Saturday was amazing, and I wish I was back there this Saturday.  Tomorrow I'll post what I wore to TVFU Day 1 - I promise the post won't be as long!!  See you soon!

Elizabeth xx

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Teen Vogue Fashion U: Night One

 Me with Andrew Bevan (!!)

 Jessica Minkoff

 My right arm made a surprise appearance on the Express Snapchat

Blair, Lexy, Me

Coat - Forever 21, Jumper - Primark, Skirt - Kohls, Shoes - Asos, Bag - Target
Lipstick - M.A.C Red with Cherry Liner

So I'm sure you've noticed that I haven't posted recently; the reason behind that is because last week I went to New York City for my spring break.  My mom and I originally scheduled this trip to tour the school FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), however I soon realized that this year Teen Vogue's Fashion U would overlap with my trip.  After getting accepted, I wanted to announce it on here, but I just was't sure how which eventually led to me just not bringing it up.  But now, after this amazing experience, I can't wait to share it with you!
The event started on Friday night with a launch party at the Express store in Times Square.  It was crazy, loud, and incredible.  I've never been surrounded by so many incredibly dressed people.  At the party, it was announced that Teen Vogue editors Andrew Bevan and Jessica Minkoff would be there.  I was lucky enough to be able to meet Andrew (I even gave him my business card!) as well as *almost* meeting Jessica (she had to leave shortly before I got to the front of the line).  Later in the night, though, I saw some other editors dropped by the party including Elaine Welteroth, Marina Larroude, and even Amy Astley!  Amy walked right past me during the night (close enough I could have touched her); I really with I could have met her.  I also met one of my bloggers, Hannah Henderson.  She was so nice and genuine; it was great to be able to meet her.
Along with the editors being there, there were a ton of other activities (each with a mile long line).  The activities included a lash bar, flash tattoos, mocktails and hors d'oeuvres, and a photo booth.  I met Blair and Lexy at the party and we all did the photo booth together.  Along with sending us this video, they also made flip books of the video that we were able to keep.  Even though the line we waited in was pretty long line at the photo booth, it was definitely worth it!
Roaming around the party was a guy from Express' Snapchat taking pictures and videos.  I was told that I was going to be in one of the videos, but after searching though Express' story I finally found my right arm (which I was excited to finally find).
Shopping wise, they gave everyone who attended 25% off their purchase.  I used that discount to purchase a skirt and two pieces of jewelry (which were buy one get one 50% off); I'll post pictures soon of everything that I received over the weekend.
I'm sorry that I wasn't able to get a better photo of my outfit; I ran out of time to take pictures before that event started.  Also, I had a lot of trouble picking out what to wear.  I had no idea which direction other people going to take, outfit wise.  I finally decided on a black pencil skirt, my white fuzzy jumper, red lipstick, and my gold shoes for a pop.  Looking back now, after seeing what everyone else wore, I still think I would have worn that same thing, however it was pretty hot in the store since there were 500 other girls there, so maybe I would have gone with something a bit lighter.

I hope I was able to describe everything well!  If anyone has anymore questions about this first night, feel free to ask; I'll have the rest of the days up on the blog soon!

(I also have lots and lots of photos on my Instagram, so check it out!!)

Elizabeth xx

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Two Years

Coat - Old Navy, Dress - Pimkie, Boots - Amazon, Socks - Pimkie

Two years ago today, I started Rockin' the Rockies Style.  I'm really happy with where I've gone with this blog, and I'm excited for upcoming opportunities.  
To celebrate two years, I decided to head out somewhere different for photos.  The day I took these photos, it had been the first day in over a week that the temperature had been over zero degrees.  I realized that it was a beautiful day, and I wanted to showcase the beauty of where I live.
I originally was going to wear a different skirt without tights, but even though it was warmer than zero degrees, it was still pretty chilly.  So I changed my look to something with tights.  I love pairing this dress with black tights and a pastel jacket (here I have it paired with my pastel pink jacket from H&M).  I don't think I've yet showcased this pastel blue coat on my blog, and I loved it with this dress, which is why I chose to wear it.  Finally I added my new ankle boots, which, frankly, I'm quite obsessed with.
Makeup-wise, I tried out some of my new things from my last post.  I'm wearing my Tarte foundation with the NYC bronzer and highlighter (for more specific details, check out my last post).  What do you think of this makeup look?  I think I rather like it.

Before I go, I would just like to say, happy two years!  Let's go for another two (at least)!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Makeup Haul - February 2015

Since February was the month of my birthday, I was gifted some nice giftcards and makeup from friends and family.  
Let's start with all of the NYC cosmetics; to be honest, they're all a bit disappointing (but they were all really cheap, so I guess you get what you pay for).  The primer works well, but is shimmery which I don't like for an everyday look.  However both the bronzer/highlighter and the blush just aren't very pigmented.
The Essence concealer works really well.  Used with my Real Techniques concealer brush, it covered blemishes incredibly well, especially for the price.
I love this Maybelline eyeshadow; it actually does last for many hours, and the color can work for both day and night.  It's also super easy to apply with just my fingers.
I haven't used the Tarte foundation very much yet, but so far it seems to work well.  I have higher expectations for this as this was one of the pricier items I purchased.
Finally I have this Benefit eyeliner.  A family friend of mine had two sample sizes of this eyeliner that she knew she wasn't going to use, so she gave them to me.  To be honest, I haven't used this yet, but I tested it on my hand and was incredibly difficult to scrub off. 

What did you think of this post?  In two days it's the two year anniversary of this blog, so I'm trying to expand on the types of posts I do.  Would love to hear from everyone!
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