Thursday, March 26, 2015

Teen Vogue Fashion U: Day Three

 Me with Emma Walker
(photo via

Erika Bearman 

 Oscar de la Renta goodies from the OscarPRgirl herself!

Me with Erika Bearman (!!!)

 Views from the 63rd floor

 After the event ended for the day, I went shopping in SoHo where I found myself in a Topshop dressing room (unfortunately, as much as I love Topshop, I didn't buy anything there).

My diploma and official badge from Fashion U!

Coat - Forever 21, Shirt - Forever 21, Skirt - H&M, Hat - vintage, Boots - amazon
Lipstick - M.A.C Red with Cherry Liner

The final day of Fashion U was pretty short compared to the day before, but was still just as fun.  That morning, I changed my mind at the last minute on what I was going to wear and decided to instead wear this new skirt I picked up from H&M and go for a bit of a '70s vibe.  After putting it on, I immediately fell in love with the look and knew that I had made the right decision about what to wear.
Arriving at the One World Trade Center I had to wait in an incredibly long line to check in, but I actually kinda enjoyed it because it gave me a great view of what everyone was wearing.  I'm pretty sure that everyone who attended Fashion U are the best dressed people on the planet.
I only had one speaker this day, so before her session started I decided to mingle with some other girls.  I talked with some of the Express Style Ambassadors, and it was really interesting to hear about what they had to do as an ambassador (they had to wear at least 50% Express each day of the event).  One of the ambassadors was Emma Walker, who's actually from Colorado.  We talked and discovered that we actually have a ton in common; we both live in places that aren't that fashion-y, we both want to work in fashion, and we both understand what it's like to have a love of fashion when not a lot of other people do.  Here's her post about Fashion U.  
After talking for a bit, we finally headed to Erika Bearman's seminar.  She was an amazing speaker; you could really tell how passionate she was about not only her job as the OscarPRgirl but also the world of fashion.  Along with discussing how she got started in the industry, she gave us some great tips about working in the industry:
"There are no right times.... You just have to do things before you're ready to do them."

"No one cares that much about your career."

"You are enough."

And always ask yourself:
"Did I do everything that I could do?"

After her presentation, she stayed and took pictures with each and every girl.  (As you can tell from above, I got my picture with her!)  She was so nice, and very few of the other speakers (if any) stayed that long.

As the day ended, I received my diploma for my editorial/social/pr major.  It was one of the greatest weekends of my life, I met so many interesting and fashionable people, and I wish it could have lasted longer!  After attending this, I know that fashion is what I'm suppose to do, and that I will one day find a way out of here and to a fashion capital.  I hope that next year I can once again attend Fashion U so I can expand my fashion knowledge even more!

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