Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Favorite Lipsticks // June 2015

Recently I attended orientation at my local university, and my roommate, for the week, and I got to talking about lipstick.  Where I live, there aren't a ton of people who really care about lipstick, let alone can talk about their favorites.  It really got me thinking that I should do a post about the subject, so here it is: my current favorite lipsticks.

I got the sample size of this lipstick for my birthday from Sephora, and somehow I managed to utterly destroy.  Luckily, as a graduation present, my best friend replaced it for me.  I have to say, this is the perfect color for summer; it gives just enough pink to your lips to give you a soft color, but it doesn't look like you're trying too hard.  It doesn't have the best staying power, compared to some of my other favorites, but its velvety texture and beautiful color makes me forget that I have to reapply every hour or so.

I've written about this lipstick before, but I have to say it's still a favorite.  I might be a bit biased on this one because I did buy in Paris on the Champs-Elysees, but it still gives that unexpected pop of pink that I love.  The color is bright as well as having just a touch of iridescence, making it perfect for when you want to stand out.  The staying power is okay on its own, but I usually where it with a matching lipliner making it last all day.

This is definitely my all time favorite lipstick.  I bought it two years ago and still wear it constantly (it looks like I'm gonna need to replace it soon too).  If you put it straight on your lips, it looks almost like it could be a magenta which is why I always wear it with the MAC Cherry Liner.  By wearing both of those, it lasts all day without any touch up, and it's as red a stop sign.  Whenever I wear it I always get tons of complements, so this is always my go to shade.

(From top to bottom)

What are your favorite lipsticks?  I'm always on the look out for the next ex-favorite lipstick (Jurassic Park reference, sorry -- I hope you get it!).

Elizabeth xx

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pastels and Polka Dots

Coat - H&M, Blouse - H&M, Shorts - American Apparel, Shoes - Steve Madden, Purse - Zara
Lipstick - NARS Satin Lip Pencil Rose Pink

So I haven't posted in a few weeks; that's for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, I graduated earlier this month.  I had a ton of family over, and for about a week I was just crazy busy.  Second, remember when I was complaining about computer issues a few of weeks ago? No?  Well, I thought my issues were all fixed until last week when it started acting up again.  Turns out I needed a part replaced, so I just got my computer back with a new chip.  It really just an annoying hassle because I just got this computer in October, so I just feel that I shouldn't need to be replacing parts already.  Finally, I had a three day orientation at my local university.  Unfortunately I got waitlisted at FIT, so until I hear from them, I'm moving forward with starting at the local school.  Now I'm back home and everything is fixed up, so I'm more than ready for a summer of blogging.

I've always loved H&M.  I don't live anywhere near an H&M (in fact the closest one is about three states away), and people are always shocked when I tell them there's not an H&M in my entire state.  So whenever I travel, I make sure it's the first place I stop.  I'm always in love with what I buy there too (I still have the first sweatshirt I bought from there when I was 11); for example, this jacket has become a staple in my life.  I wear it with almost everything; it's heavy enough for fall and light enough for the spring.  However I think my favorite thing about it is the color.  After putting together this almost entirely black out, the pink was the perfect pop.  Finally, I added the white purse from Zara which perfectly brought out the white polka dots.

I'm excited for what this summer has to bring; honestly, I don't have anything planned right now, but I guess that's what will make this summer exciting: the unknown.

Elizabeth xx

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Shirt - New Look, Skirt - H&M, Hat - vintage, Sunglasses - thrifted, Boots - Amazon

Boy have I been busy lately.  I just finished up my last week of school, which means I'm officially done with high school!  I have graduation this weekend meaning I've spent the last few weeks helping my mom clean up the house to prepare for all the family arriving for this event.  

I took these photos last week sometime when I had a few minutes to spare.  I wanted to show off my new platinum hair, so I decided it would really stand out against the white top and the black hat.  After looking at the top and the hat, I went for a bit of a 1970s vibe by picking this camel skirt.  Finally I added black tights and black boots because it was still a bit chilly last week (now it is incredibly hot - I had to break out my "Birks").

Starting on Monday, I free to summer!  I'm so excited to have so much time to devote to the blog this summer! :)

Elizabeth xx
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