Saturday, June 6, 2015


Shirt - New Look, Skirt - H&M, Hat - vintage, Sunglasses - thrifted, Boots - Amazon

Boy have I been busy lately.  I just finished up my last week of school, which means I'm officially done with high school!  I have graduation this weekend meaning I've spent the last few weeks helping my mom clean up the house to prepare for all the family arriving for this event.  

I took these photos last week sometime when I had a few minutes to spare.  I wanted to show off my new platinum hair, so I decided it would really stand out against the white top and the black hat.  After looking at the top and the hat, I went for a bit of a 1970s vibe by picking this camel skirt.  Finally I added black tights and black boots because it was still a bit chilly last week (now it is incredibly hot - I had to break out my "Birks").

Starting on Monday, I free to summer!  I'm so excited to have so much time to devote to the blog this summer! :)

Elizabeth xx

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