Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Two Years

Coat - Old Navy, Dress - Pimkie, Boots - Amazon, Socks - Pimkie

Two years ago today, I started Rockin' the Rockies Style.  I'm really happy with where I've gone with this blog, and I'm excited for upcoming opportunities.  
To celebrate two years, I decided to head out somewhere different for photos.  The day I took these photos, it had been the first day in over a week that the temperature had been over zero degrees.  I realized that it was a beautiful day, and I wanted to showcase the beauty of where I live.
I originally was going to wear a different skirt without tights, but even though it was warmer than zero degrees, it was still pretty chilly.  So I changed my look to something with tights.  I love pairing this dress with black tights and a pastel jacket (here I have it paired with my pastel pink jacket from H&M).  I don't think I've yet showcased this pastel blue coat on my blog, and I loved it with this dress, which is why I chose to wear it.  Finally I added my new ankle boots, which, frankly, I'm quite obsessed with.
Makeup-wise, I tried out some of my new things from my last post.  I'm wearing my Tarte foundation with the NYC bronzer and highlighter (for more specific details, check out my last post).  What do you think of this makeup look?  I think I rather like it.

Before I go, I would just like to say, happy two years!  Let's go for another two (at least)!


  1. Awww this sweet mint jacket looks so lovely on you! Happy blog anniversary!

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

  2. Great pictures! You know, you have an advantage being in Montana- you get to take outfit posts with the incredible scenery... I live in NYC and avoid trash and excess signage in my pics. love!


    1. Thanks! I do have beautiful scenery where I live, but living here for so long I'd love a change of pace!

      Elizabeth xx


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