Monday, February 3, 2014

Neoprene Skirt

Jumper: Mine (brand), Skirt: New Look, Converse
Just a quick post today.  I took these photos last week, right before the shoot I did with my friends, so I kinda forgot about these.  Here I'm wearing a new jumper from TJ Maxx.  I really didn't want to wear it how most people at my school wear it, just thrown over a pair of jeans (and I admit, I do that on mornings when either I'm tired or it's very cold).  So I decided to wear something contrasting to the big, soft jumper.  I decided that my neoprene wrap skirt that I bought in London would be a perfect contrast.  Along with that I wore black tights, since it's winter, and my good old Converse.
Unfortunately, the weather here is going to get even colder (the high for tomorrow is 0 degrees).  This probably means that I will be living in warm sweaters and jeans to keep me warm for the next week.


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