Monday, June 16, 2014

The Pillow Purse

Though it may sound from the title that I am showing you a purse that doubles as a pillow, this purse would be the most uncomfortable pillow if you actually tried to use it as such.  I bought this when I was in Denver a few weeks ago, I just forgot to include it in my earlier Denver haul.  I bought it at an adorable vintage purse shop in downtown Denver.  There the people were incredibly nice and knowledgeable.  They said that Pillow Purses were popular in London from the late 1960s to the early 1970s.  I fell in love with this the moment I spotted it in the collection of the other purses, but knowing that it is possibly from the 1960s (my favorite decade) and possibly from London (my favorite place on Earth) made me love it even more!  They also told me that the Beatles helped popularize them as they were spotted wearing them.  After people saw the Beatles wearing them, their popularity spread like a wild fire.  The purse weren't popular for too many years, which is understandable as this is very impractical.
There are many other types of purses available.  Most of them are all the same basic shape, but vary in size, metals, interior fabrics, and details.  The one I chose is rather small... well, pretty small.  I placed my iPod next to it in the second photo to show how small it is.  The shop where I purchased this had two other pillow purses; one the same size but more detailed and another detailed one but larger.  The chain strap on this one is also an awkward length; it's a bit too short to really be useful.  Even though this purse is actually really impractical, I just love it so much.  It's lined with with a beautiful purple velvet (though it looks blue in the photo).  The details on the clasp make it look so antique, almost Victorian. 
So what do you think of it?  I'm trying to think of some uses for it; I think I could fit some lip balm and loose cash in there.  I'd love to hear you ideas of how I could use it!    

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