Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Fame & Partners Dress

(My new cat friend from the neighborhood.)
Fame & Partners Warrior Dress

The infamous Fame & Partners dress.  Remember before prom I mentioned how I ordered a dress for prom and was hoping it would show up on time?  Well, it didn't.  I ordered this dress three weeks before prom (April 27th to be exact), and they guaranteed that it would get here in 10-14 days.  Well it showed up the week after prom (May 21st, almost a month after placing the order).  Well, I guess now I have my prom dress for next year.  
After receiving the dress, I love it.  However there are some, well, flaws or issues I guess you could say.  First of all, I just want to say that I "customized" the dress.  What I mean by that is that it was originally a mini dress, but I had it "customized" to make it knee length.  Take a look:

(Photos from Fame & Partners)

Now let's get onto the details.  On the site, it claims that it is a loose, velvet, shift dress.  I know that I ordered it longer, thus not making it a shift dress anymore.  However, my dress is anything but velvet as it has a sheer organza overlay on it.  Along with that, it is not loose.  It has structured, almost corseted bodice making it a very form fitting dress.  Next we have the difference of the back of the dress.  Just take a second to compare my photo to the photo of the back of the dress on the site.  My final "issue" with the dress, one you can't tell too much from the photos, are the built in cups.  They are way too high up on the dress.

Fame & Partners has beautiful and unique dresses; it's what initially drew me to this site.  My advice for ordering from this site?  A few tips: 1) If you order from here, make sure you order at least two months before you need it, as it took almost a month for my dress to arrive.  2) If you don't have to, try not to customize the dress.  I'm pretty sure that's one of the reasons why it took my dress so long to get here.  Also, this site has been progressively raising their prices.  Customization used to be free, like when I ordered my dress, but you can now see from the pictures above that customization has a fee.  3) Their customer service is not great.  Let me clarify, when you email or call them someone always responds.  They are very nice, but they don't really do much.  I worked closely with one through email, she is incredibly nice and polite, but she had no real authority over working directly with your order as she is based in Australia and the dresses ship from China.

I do love my dress, and I can't wait to wear it to prom... next year.  I hope this was also a good informative post about the site Fame & Partners.  Have you ever had experience with this site?  Tell me about what you've experienced.


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