Sunday, June 30, 2013

Trip to Europe! Annecy Continued

Even though Annecy is a smaller town, I was still able to see some interesting street style.

While I was in France, I noticed that flatforms (or flat platforms) were quite the rage.  Especially in a sandal form.  I think that ever since Elle Fanning wore those crazy amazing Prada flatforms to the Breaking Dawn premiere, flatforms are becoming very popular with everyday fashion.  Where I live it is a bit harder to find them, mainly because of the area in which I live and the type of people who live here.  However, I do own a pair in a Mary Jane style.  And in the US there are still many places where you can purchase them, such as Zara and DSW.
 Zara flatforms (above)  DSW flatforms (below)

Both are available online


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