Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Day of School/Chanel Lipstick Review

A few days ago school started again.  I have had a very unusual but amazing summer.  I had the opportunities to go to France, England, and Italy.  Even though this summer was filled with adventure (and shopping), I was actually rather excited to go back to school.  I was most excited to see all my school friends again, and I was especially excited to wear all of my new clothes.
On the first day I wore a new dress and a new pair of ankle boots that I bought in London.  The dress is from Miss Selfridges and the boots are from River Island.  However the belt is just from JC Penny's.
The Lipstick I am wearing is a Chanel lipstick that I bought on my trip to France.  The exact lipstick I purchased it Chanel ROUGE ALLURE  Luminous Intense Lip Colour in shade 94 "Extatique".
This lipstick is beautiful.  When I first opened the tube, it was just perfectly sculpted, and the Chanel logo was (and still is) perfectly imprinted.  The first time I used this lipstick, I didn't use a base underneath it.  When you wear it, it's a great somewhat metallic pink colour.  But when you don't wear a base beneath this lipstick it doesn't last super long.  I was a bit disappointed in that, so I went out and bought myself a lip liner to use as a base.  Living in a small town, I knew that I wouldn't have access to buying a matching Chanel lip liner (I also didn't have time to buy it online).  So instead I went to my local Ulta store and bought the NYX lip liner pencil in 816 Fuchsia.  This shade matches pretty well.  At first I thought it was a bit dark, but it sill works really well.  Wearing this lip liner as a base, I applied the lipstick at about 8:15 and didn't need to reapply until after 3:35.  Together, they are a perfect combo. 
The lipstick is more expensive than the average drugstore brand.  It runs for about $32.  However the lip liner is a drugstore brand, so it's only $3.50.  This Chanel lipstick was a great treat for myself, and I'm really glad I bought it.  My favorite lipstick brand ever, though, would have to be MAC.  But overall, these are still great. 

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