Friday, January 10, 2014

dELiA*s Coat

Jacket: Delia's, Jumper: APT. 9, Skirt: H&M, Boots: Bongo
Over Christmas, my aunt gave me this wonderful Delia's coat.  I originally saw this coat in a Delia's catalog.  I was actually quite surprised when I first saw this jacket in the catalog.  Before I saw this, I felt that I had outgrown Delia's, and frankly it just wasn't normally my style.  Yet when I saw this I immediately fell in love with this.  So I felt so fortunate that my aunt gave this for me for Christmas.
Not only do I think this jacket is incredibly stylish, but it also works very well for the weather we have where I live.  This jacket is lined with thinsulate which makes it warmer than normal jackets.  This isn't really a jacket, it's much more of a coat.  It's warm enough so on days where it's between 20 and 30 degrees (Fahrenheit) it is perfect to wear to school.  This jacket also came with a belt, however I took it off for two reasons: 1) I always felt paranoid about losing the belt. 2) I didn't think that this coat truly went with the belt.  This coat has very straight lines and is minimalistic and edgy, yet with the belt it completely changed the look and style of the coat.  Much less minimal/edgy and much more drapey and feminine.
If any of you are interested in this coat, it is still available on the dELiA*s website.  It is called, "Tie Waist Moto with Thinsulate."

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