Monday, March 24, 2014

I May Have an Obsession....

But I would say my possible (did I say possible?  I meant definite) number one obsession is... magazines!

If you don't see a magazine obsession here then you probably have it worse than I do.
I counted my magazines here and I have 110 magazines on the shelf, 6 not pictured, and at least 2 missing magazines.  Why do I have so many magazines, one may ask?  Well...
1.  I have subscriptions to three different magazines: Vogue (my most recent subscription), Teen Vogue, and Seventeen.  The bottom shelf is filled entirely with Seventeens and Teen Vogues.  I have been subscribing to Seventeen magazine since I was in the 7th grade and have kept every issue since then.  (Unfortunately, at least two of those issues are missing!!  I'm keeping my eye out for those two.)
2.  Whenever I go on vacation, I always buy magazines as souvenirs.  When I travel to another country, I find it as a great glimpse into that culture.  In the top picture, I have French, British, and even an Arabic magazine!  Then if I'm in an airport waiting for a flight, I often find myself buying another magazine.
3.  I LOVE British magazines.  In fact, my dream is to work as a stylist at a British magazine.  So I insist on buying British magazines at Barnes & Noble and Hastings.  The bad thing about buying British magazines here in the US, is that the issues are about $10 an issue.  Some of my favorites are Elle UK, Company Magazine (I can only buy their bi-annual High Street Edits where I live), and In Style UK.  I looked into getting a subscription to one of those, but because of the shipping to the US from the UK it would cost over $100!!  So for now, I'll stick to buying the (more than) occasional issue. 
What do you guys obsess over?  I also have a "slight" obsession with shoes!   


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