Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Senior Year, Here I Come

Skirt - homemade, Top - New Look, Cardigan - Target, Boots - Steve Madden (DSW), Backpack -
Lipstick - M.A.C Red with Cherry Lipliner

I'm finally a senior!  I decided to start the year fresh so, I'm sure that you can tell, I decided to cut off my hair!  I love my new bob, I think it suits me so well.  It a bit hard to tell, but I also colored my hair.  I was going for light blonde, but it came out more strawberry blonde.  I still like it, but I'm considering getting highlights in the near future.
The first day is always my favorite day of the school year.  It's the day where friends see each other after not seeing each other for three months, but people can also debut their new back to school clothes.  The first day, undoubtedly, has the best outfits, so I knew that I wanted to pick something that would really stand out.  My mom made me this skirt; it's made out of a pastel blue pleather, a fabric that I just fell head over heals for.  She made the skirt in an a-line shape, and after trying on the finished skirt I knew I wanted to wear it on the first day.  Since the skirt is pretty basic, I added my new leopard print Chelsea boots that my aunt gave me.  Finally, after digging and digging through my closet, I decided to finish the look with a geometric top from New Look and a plain black cardigan.  I actually decided all of this the night before the first day, something I have never done.  Ever since elementary school, I've always had my first day outfit picked out weeks ahead of time.
The first day was great.  I have great classes, great teachers, and a great new backpack from boohoo that I absolutely love.  I think this final year is going to be amazing.

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