Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Quick Computer Update

Hello! Unfortunately, my computer unexpectedly crashed the other day. I thought it wasn't a big deal, but it appears that it is actually unfixable. The other electronics I have aren't compatible with my camera, so what does this mean for Rockin' the Rockies Style? Well, first I'm going to try to use my mom's computer, but to be honest I rather expected her computer to crash before mine. If that doesn't work, then this blog will just be on a temporary hiatus while I search for a new laptop which can handle my blogging capabilities (and school work, of course). So, for the mean time, please follow me on social media.  I have instagram linked, but just in case just search "rockintherockiesstyle". I'm also on pinterest, just search "Elizabeth Claire." Hopefully I'll be back to blogging soon; I  have three looks on my camera ready to be loaded onto a computer. If you have any questions just shoot. Can't wait to get a laptop and come back to blogging!!
(Picture via Pinterest.)

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