Sunday, October 5, 2014

I'm Back! // Red and Black

Dress - Zara, Cardigan - Target, Shoes - Matty's (DSW)
Lipstick - M.A.C in M.A.C Red with Cherry Lipliner

Good news!!! I found a new laptop which means I'm back to blogging!  Yay!  The laptop I decided on I had been looking at all week and kept coming back to it.  It was out of my price range, but today it went on sale which finally made it attainable.  My mom and I went to get it the minute Staples opened!

My excitement aside, let's get to what really matters here: the look.  I wore this outfit over a week ago for the final day of spirit week.  It was school color day which meant everyone wore black and red.  Originally I was going to wear the red vintage dress that I featured in my Portland and Denver Haul post (here).  However I forgot that I hadn't washed it yet, because I hadn't worn it yet, so it was way too itchy and uncomfortable.  So at the last minute I ditched that dress and went with my classic red Zara.  Sure it may be rather more dressed up than what most people wear at my school, especially during spirit week, but I always love wearing this dress, and the color is rather perfect.  Since I always get cold, I threw a black cardigan over it.  Finally I wore my black buckle shoes, I mean, my school colors are red and black after all. 
When I posed for the pictures, the neighborhood cat, who I am currently calling Fred, decided to accompany me and model alongside me.  I have to say, I think he looks rather fierce. 

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  1. wow the Dress Looks amazing
    and the cat is so cute
    perfect Pictures

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