Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Grey Kind of Day

Coat - H&M, Jumper - Primark, Skirt - Target, Boots - Dr. Martens, Hat - Target, Tights - Target (probably)

Oh how I love the rain.  Spring is my favorite season because of this.  But it's not spring.  It's autumn.  That's the thing about the weather here, it's very unpredictable (like how today it was 75 degrees, but last week it was practically snowing).
Another thing I love is this pink coat.  I love how it's a menswear shape, but it's in pink; it perfectly blends masculine and feminine.  I will warn you now, you will be seeing a lot of this pink coat.  I plan on wearing this very frequently this season, as I've already worn it everyday this week.  
I started this look off with the black fuzzy jumper and the black skirt.  I decided I wanted an all black look so whichever jacket I picked would pop.  I first I was thinking I would wear my black Kenneth Cole REACTION boots with this look, but I've been wear those frequently, and I felt that my good ol' Docs were just calling for attention.  Then I added my tights because it was raining, and rain is cold.  After I added my lovely pink coat, I felt something was missing.  I stood in front of the mirror trying to decipher what was missing when suddenly it clicked; a hat!  This beanie was perfect final touch to my look.

So I'm thinking of doing a fall must haves look for living in the mountains.  What do you think?  I'd love to hear from you!

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