Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Colors

Trousers - Zara, Top - New Look, Jacket - Mudd (Kohls), Boots - New Look (asos), Hat - H&M

Fall colors are always beautiful... in nature.  Personally, I'm not one to really wear those colors.  Pumpkin spice orange, deep yellow, any shade of brown, I'd much rather see it on trees than on me.  Sometimes I'll wear deep red and burgundy, but even so, I generally like to keep it on my lips.  So for this look, I wanted to stand out against all of the colors of fall.  I did so by wearing a lack of color.  The trousers I'm wearing I bought in the Zara from Paris; they are so comfortable I compare them to sweatpants.  I added a sleeveless patterned top and a classic leather jacket.  To finish the look, I decided to channel London style: chunky ankle boots and a great hat (in this case, a bowler).  Over all, the only three colors (or lack there of) I'm wearing are black, white, and grey, my three favorite.

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