Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An Adieu to Ankle Boots

Shoes (Left to Right):
Black - Simply Vera (Kohls), Buckles - DSW, Leopard - Steve Madden (DSW), Red - boohoo, Black and Gold - River Island

Adieu.  Au revoir.  Ciao.
Well, it has snowed.  What does that mean?  No more ankle boots.  Why?  Let me explain.  There are many reasons.  1)  They may be boots, but they are only ankle boots.  So if I walk in snow, any higher than two or three inches, it gets inside the shoe.  Then I have to spend the whole day walking around in cold, wet feet.  2)  The majority of ankle boots have absolutely no traction.  When there's snow, there's almost always ice.  Last year I was wearing my red boots (shown above) one of the first days after it had snowed.  I was walking outside and I slipped on some black ice (the worst kind of ice).  So I made the choice to not wear those boots the rest of the season.  Now the time has come again, and I think I'm going to make the same choice.  However, there are some ankle boots that have a little traction.  I'm going to try to continue wearing my New Look ankle boots with the white soles (they are not pictured here, but they are featured on many other posts of mine), as they have tread bottoms.
So, goodbye ankle boots.  You are my favorite type of boot, and I will definitely miss you.  See you in the spring.

(P.S. Here is a picture of the dreaded snow that has come down on my town. Ugh.)


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    1. Thanks Sophia! I just checked out your blog, and I love your photos. I followed you on GFC and bloglovin. :)

      Elizabeth xx


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