Thursday, November 6, 2014

Into the Fog

Coat - Delia's, T-Shirt - Forever 21, Jeans - Urban Outfitters, Boots - Steve Madden (DSW), Bag - Asos

This semester is starting to get rather overwhelming.  Along with applying to many different colleges, I'm taking three different AP classes, involved in three clubs, and helping with costumes in my school's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  On top of all of that, this morning I woke with a migraine and a fever (ughhh!).  So, I would just like to apologize for only posting once a week in the recent weeks.
I suppose I should get to the outfit now, huh?  Well, the weather here is starting to turn.  A surprising (but happy) thing, though, is that it hasn't started snowing yet.  (Last year it started snowing in early October.)  Because of this fact, it means I can still wear my cute ankle boots that have absolutely no traction.  Knowing that I have a limited number of days left to wear them, I decided that I need to wear them now before it's too late.  These leopard print ones are a new favorite pair of mine, so I started this look around them.  The day I took these photos it was rather chilly and foggy, so I needed a warm coat.  I liked the color of this blue coat and the leopard print together, which is why I decided to keep the rest of my outfit neutral with just a simple denim jean and a grey and white striped tee.
In other news, I recently bought some new eyeshadow palettes and such, so I'm considering doing a makeup haul.  Interested?

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