Sunday, January 11, 2015

Forgotten Gems

Blouse - H&M, Skirt - Forever 21, Shoes - Asos, Necklace - Target, Tights - Target
Eyeshadow - Sephora, Eyeliner - Sephora, Mascara - Bourjois Paris Fan-Tastic Volume, Eyebrow Pencil - Japanese, Lip Balm - Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm in Petal, BB Cream - Rimmel London

Do you ever accidentally push clothes to the back of your closet, never wear them, and therefore forget that they ever existed?  That happens to me; in fact, it happened with this skirt.  I got it a couple years ago and, frankly, just forgot about it.  Yesterday I was cleaning out my closet and rediscovered it.  I wanted to wear it yesterday, but it was quite colder so I decided to wear it today instead.  Knowing that I had to pair it with tights, it is still January, I went with this top that also had black in it.  I went back and forth on shoes, but these gold ones were too fun to pass up for this look.  Then I decided to tie in more gold, which was why I added the necklace.
Unlike most days where I don't have time to put on makeup (*cough* over-sleeping *cough*), today I wanted to try out some new makeup items that I got for Christmas.  My mom got me a new brush set (Real Techniques) because my old one was incredibly cheap and falling apart.  I hardly ever wear face makeup, but today I wanted to take the plunge so I could try out the brushes.  I actually don't own a "real" foundation, the closest thing I have is a BB Cream.  I started there, then went to the eyes.  My cousin gave me a Sephora gift card for Christmas; I don't have one where I live, but while I was in Michigan over Christmas I was able to use it.  I got this great palette, it's called the "IT Palette - Nudes" by Sephora.  It came with lots of great colors, but I especially love this nude-ish color.  After doing my eyes, I experimented with my eyebrows.  I don't want to brag, but I like to think of myself as having pretty nice eyebrows to begin with.  But when I was in San Francisco, I found this small, Japanese store that sold things for only $1.50.  I found this eyebrow pencil and decided it was the perfect price to experiment.  Finally, I added a little tinted lipbalm.  I'm actually quite happy with this makeup and will definitely do it again.


  1. Hi Sophia!

    I've actually already been following you on GCF and Bloglovin as I think your blog is great! I'd love the support; let's definitely stay in touch too. :)


    Elizabeth xx

  2. Cute outfit. Those shoes are fantastic.

    Jennifer Jayne xx


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