Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fresh Hair

Dress - H&M, Faux Fur Vest - Boohoo, Shoes - Target, Hat - Vintage

Let me get this out of the way first:
Finals are over!!
Now I might actually have time to start blogging again!

More importantly though, I got my haircut!  My hair just started to feel way too long (even though it was only shoulder length), and I realized I actually hadn't cut my hair in a while.  After I got it cut, I went home and touched up my roots too.  My goal hair color is to become a very light blonde, but I think I'll have to do it professionally to get the look I want (because box color just hasn't been working out as well as I have hoped).  Overall though, I'm more than satisfied with the color and cut.
I just got these shoes last week, and they are so comfortable.  I wasn't entirely sold with this slide on style when they first became popular, but after seeing so many bloggers look amazing in them, I considered trying out a pair.  Normally I would have waited until I had a bit more cash to spare, but I came across these on clearance for $12!  At $12, they were the perfect price to experiment.  I wanted these shoes to stand out, so I kept the rest of the outfit black with a black midi dress, fur vest, and vintage fedora.

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