Friday, February 20, 2015

Welcome Back, Snow

("Mom, I don't want to stand in the snow.")

Jacket - unknown, Blouse - Primark, Jeans - Simply Vera Wang (Kohls), Boots - Amazon

Like my caption above?  My mom almost always take the photos for my blog, and I appreciate it so much.  I'm always comfortable with her because, well, she's my mom, and we can make each other laugh but also get good shots.  However, sometimes her suggestions are... questionable.  "Why don't you stand in the snow?  Try posing next to that tree.  Go lean on the fence."  I love you Mom, but I don't always agree with all of your suggestions.  I'm sure many of you can relate to this.
For this look, I started with the jeans and the blouse.  After putting on the blouse, I wanted to bring out the white, which is why I chose this white leather jacket.  This jacket is one of favorites because I bought it in Paris over this past summer (and it has amazing detailing).  Finally I put on my new boots as the final touch.  I'm rather obsessed with these boots at the moment; I basically haven't taken them off since I got them last week.  To me, this is one of those outfits that's actually simpler than it looks.

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