Sunday, February 8, 2015

Big Weekend

Jumper - Target, Skirt - self made, Boots - DSW, Purse - Ross
Eyes - Sephora It Palette Nude

I had a pretty big weekend (hence, the title of the post).  I traveled with my school to the state wide thespian festival, and we won!  So in June my school will be able to go to National festival.  However, that wasn't the highlight of my weekend: it was also my 18th birthday!  I'm now legally an adult; how exciting is that!
I wore this look on my birthday, as I always like to dress up in some way on the day.  It was surprisingly warm that day, so the tights really weren't that needed, but I thought they worked with the rest of the look.  I added the shoes last because I wasn't sure if I wanted to bring in another color or let the jumper be the sole color piece.  Eventually I put on these amazing velvet boots, which I felt worked amazingly with the color of the jumper.  I also wore my new favorite eye makeup from my Sephora palette; it has the perfect nude color.

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