Friday, April 3, 2015

Fashion Avenue

 The adorable decorations at Doughnut Plant

Coat - Forever 21, Top - Etam, Trousers - Kohls, Shoes - Matty's (DSW), Tote - Target
Lipstick - M.A.C. Red with Cherry Liner

One of the days while I was in New York, I toured the Fashion Institute of Technology.  One thing that I love about the school is that it's actually on Fashion Avenue (technically it's 7th but whatever).  After touring it, I loved it.  It has everything that I wanted in a school: fashion, a city location, fashion, great dorms, and did I mention fashion?  After touring the school, my mom and I went to Doughnut Plant, a donut place only a block or two away from the school.  It had a ton of flavors, most of which I had never seen for donuts, but I decided to stick with a classic vanilla glaze and a chocolate one filled with cream; needless to say, they were both delicious!  Later I stopped by Central Park.  I had never been there before, so it was great to finally see such an iconic place.  Unfortunately, I had made a poor footwear choice, and as there was snow on the ground, it was too cold to stay at the park for very long.
Not realizing that I would be going to Central Park that day (it was sort of a spur of the moment decision), I based my look around the shoes.  I love the buckles on them; I think it really just makes them stand out.  I actually didn't bring too many skirts or dresses with me, and I had already worn my black jeans a couple times, so I chose to wear these trousers.  Finishing off the look, I picked out a patterned, long sleeve top, my grey coat because it was chilly, and a red lip for a pop.

I actually think that this is my last NYC post!  I had such a great time visiting, and hopefully I'll be able to spend my college years there.  I think over the weekend I'll do a post about the goodies I received from Teen Vogue, but then I'll be back to doing regular, everyday outfit posts.  As nice as it is to be back home, I sure do miss New York.

Elizabeth xx

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