Tuesday, December 29, 2015

26 Hours in Brighton


Coat - Forever 21, Jumper - JCPenny, Jeans - Urban Outfitters, Boots - Kohls, Tote - Target

Sorry for the silence over this past month, but if you've been following me on Instagram then I'm sure you know that I've been in England!  I was gone for almost three weeks, but I had the time of my life.  I went on the trip for educational purposes; I don't feel satisfied at my current university so I'm planning on transferring to a university in England so I can study fashion.  Because of this, my mom and I traveled around England so I could visit each of the campuses I'm interested in.  We spent the first week touring five different campuses, but after that we spent the rest of the trip shopping and trying to not act like tourists!  Our first stop was in Brighton, but due to scheduling, we were only able to be there for a day!  I really wish that I was able to stay there longer as Brighton has such a unique vibe to it.  Even though I didn't play any of the games or ride any of the rides, I still thought the pier was a lot of fun!
As you can see, it was an incredibly windy day.  The fact that I was able to get this many usable photos where my hair isn't completely in my face is a miracle.  Other than the wind, it was a pretty nice day.  When I wasn't so close to the beach, I even found my jumper to be too warm.  This jumper was about the brightest clothing item I brought with me on the trip, so it was easy to make it pop.  I paired it with simple black skinnys, my classic Chelsea boots, and my grey coat.  Black, white, and grey was the color scheme I brought with me, but I think the red is a great accent.
The city of Brighton reminds a bit of Seattle.  I love Seattle, so it makes sense why I liked Brighton so much.  Who knows, maybe I'll be living in Brighton next year!

Elizabeth xx

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