Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Portland Wedding Guest

Dress - Topshop

Hello again!  Over the past weekend, my mom and I flew down to Portland for a family wedding.  It was the second wedding I've gone to this summer, but it was completely different than the last.  This trip went by incredibly fast - we were only gone for about four days - but I always love being able to spend time in Portland.  
This wedding was on the rooftop of the EcoTrust building in the Pearl District of Portland.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Portland, the Pearl District is an older neighborhood in downtown Portland that was formally an industrial area before turning old warehouses into art galleries, businesses, and homes.  It's a very charming area that definitely showcases the revitalization of oldtown Portland.
This wedding was a bit more casual than the last one I went to, and it definitely had a 'home' environment.  Before I wore all black and was so hot, so I decided to switch it up and wear this silver, mid-length number.  I adore this dress from Topshop; when I wear it I feel like I should be in a 1970s disco combined with the slip dresses of the 1990s.  Even my styling was a mix of the two decades.  For jewelry I wore a silver choker (that my kind mother made for me) and for shoes I wore silver heeled sandals similar to the Gucci style that's popular right now.  Sorry for not having a picture of my shoes; I didn't have a ton of extra time at the wedding for pictures.
Finally, making her blog debut, is my photographer/mother!  Doesn't she look great?
Anyway, I have a couple more posts coming up with pictures from this trip, so stay tuned!

Elizabeth xx

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