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Ah, the Colosseum.  Rome's answer to the Eiffel Tower (although the Colosseum definitely came first, so perhaps the expression should be the other way around), it is definitely the most iconic landmark in the city.  As I said in my previous city guide post, I had never actually been inside the Colosseum before this.  Back in 2013, I visited Rome with my dad, but then we both had different priorities.  He didn't want to wait in any lines (but also wouldn't purchase tickets ahead of time), and to be honest I also cared a lot more about shopping.  So that's what I did for most of my first trip.  But I wanted to make up for that this time.
My friend Amber and I were only in Rome for four days, and two of those days were spent traveling so our time was limited.  By having a great location for our hotel and buying tickets ahead of the time, we were able to pack in tons of sight seeing.  Most of this day was spent in the Colosseum, with our day beginning at the iconic landmark.  To save a bit of money, we opted not to have a tour which we enjoyed as we were able to walk around at our own pace.
Eventually our stomachs started growling, so we went search for some lunch.  It was after eating, though, that we okay I spent far too long searching for a spot I had seen on Instagram to take photos.  Thank you Amber for putting up with me and my persistence to find this place, but after about 30-40 we found the ledge in front of the Colosseum where the first photo in this post was taken, which just so happens to be one of my favorite pictures from the trip.  It makes for some great photos, but beware of pick pockets and such since it's such a crowded area.

I think I might have mentioned this before, but the Colosseum truly is an incredible sight to see in real life.  It almost doesn't seem real, and it's so hard to imagine people actually partaking in events that took place inside it.  And yet, here it still stands thousands of years later.  If you're ever in Rome, do see it - even with all of the crowds.

Elizabeth xx


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