Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Spring 2019 Wishlist

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Yes, it is still very much winter, but as all of the spring items are starting to make their way into stores, I can't help but dream about what to buy next.  In the recent months, I've been trying not to buy as many impulsive but unnecessary clothes.  The main reason is that I'm trying to save my money for my upcoming travels, but I think it's also good to try and reduce my fast fashion consumption.  During my month of #NoSpendNovember, I did a pretty good job of only buying two second hand items (which was technically within my rules that I set for myself), and one of those items is that Blue H&M coat which has hardly left my back during the winter season.  However, recently I've just had quite the urge to go out and shop 'til I drop - literally and figuratively.  

Firstly, I recently found these gorgeous cropped trousers from & Other Stories.  With me graduating uni soon and hopefully getting a job not long after that, I'm going to need some more professional pieces.  I love any trousers that come with a retro belt like these ones, but there's also a matching blazer that I could get if I ever needed a full suit.  
Next up is a black cross body bag which I came across about a week or so ago, and haven't been able to stop thinking about since.  I've had the same black cross body bag for three years now, and it's starting to show its wear and tear.  I think this Danish bag could be the perfect replacement.
If you're a regular reader here, you probably know that I'm quite a jeans lover.  In high school, I some how gave people the impression that I was too cool for jeans, when really I was just wearing different styles than most of the people in my school (Montana was a bit slow to adopt the high waisted trend).  These Levi's - though a bit pricey - would be a dip into new jean shape territory that I hope I can afford to try!
There's not too much to say about this blouse other than that I adore it, and that I'm already mentally wearing it this summer.  Also, it's just such a delightful shade of red that I hope I can start introducing more of it into my daily wardrobe.
Ever since I was four years old and had a dinosaur themed birthday party, I can't help but love the extinct creatures.  Though my knowledge of them has drastically decreased over the years (five years old was probably my peak of their knowledge), my love of them now mainly shows through my Jurassic Park trivia.  Still, I can't help but smile when I see dinosaur themed clothes and accessories.  Coach's "Rexy" is something I've admired for awhile but am no where near being able to afford it.  So when I saw this black cardigan form & Other Stories, with little T-Rexs subtly placed as buttons, I instantly fell in love.  I tried it on in store a while ago, and with the awkward shoulder pads and slightly steeper price point than I would normally go for when it comes to cardigans, I decided against it.  Of course, now that it's sold out online I regret it, because it could have been an investment piece, and the shoulder pads would have been easily removable.  Let's hope I'm able to come across it again one day.
Finally, there's Glossier's body wash, Body Hero.  This one mainly stems from the fact that I'm almost out of my normal body wash as well as Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser.  I figured next time I make my Glossier order, this body wash will be added to the basket.

So what's on everyone else's spring wishlist?  Let me know in the comments as I try to survive these last few weeks of winter!

Elizabeth xx

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