Thursday, March 7, 2019

A Love Letter to My Dr. Martens

Coat - H&M | Jeans - Topshop | Boots - Dr. Martens | Bag - Holly Fulton | Hat - H&M

Dear Dr. Martens,

When I first got you when I was 13 years old, I didn't even realize that my feet would decide to stop growing when they did, let alone that I would still be wearing you nearly ten years later.  My mom was hesitant to make the purchase - at well over $100 you were my most expensive shoe purchase to date.  But not only did you survive these years, you prospered.  Through rain and snow (lots and lots of snow), I wore you everyday.  Even when the temperatures soared, I was keen to wear you.  I remember telling people that I wore my Dr. Martens nearly everyday during a summer holiday to Italy when I was a teenager, and people would always have the most puzzled looks on their faces.  Sure, there were other boots that came into my life through the years, but my Docs never let me down, time and time again.
When I first moved to London, I thought I had finally said goodbye to you by leaving you back in Montana.  But each Christmas when I would come back, I would wear you and miss the sturdiness that I could always depend on.  So this autumn I brought you home to London - a place that you visited nearly six years ago, and you've hardly left my feet since.
I suppose I just want to thank you for always being by my side (or should I say feet).  I guess you could even say you're the longest and strongest relationship I've ever had.
Here's to another ten years.

Elizabeth xx


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