Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Channeling Maria

Dress - Mango | Jacket - Who What Wear x Target | Bag - Hvisk | Trainers - Adidas Gazelles

"When we entered the abbey, our worldy clothes were given to the poor."

"What about this one?"

"The poor didn't want this one."

The poor may not have wanted that dress, but I wished for nothing more than to channel my inner Maria Von Trapp on my trip to Salzburg.  It didn't start that way; I simply wanted a new summer dress to wear while in Austria.  As I began my search, I decided on some specific style details that I wanted my dress to have, including:

1) midi length
2) square neckline (I'm all about that milkmaid look at the moment)
3) long sleeves

Eventually I narrowed the search down to two dresses, but my eye kept returning to this Mango number.  There was just something about this dress which felt so... familiar.  It wasn't until I was doing my monthly weekly (do I dare say daily?) listen to the soundtrack when I realized it.  The dress looks just like something Maria would wear.  Clearly a fan of brown, I found her wearing a brown day dress on not one but two occasions.  The dress on the left, of course, is the one that not even the poor wanted, but the length and color is very similar to mine.  The neckline, however, more mimics the dress she wears during "Do-Re-Mi."  Once I made this realization, I just couldn't say no to this dress.
Mango, a brand which I adore, sometimes has inconsistent sizing.  I was concerned about how this dress would fit, especially considering the dress' empire waistline are often unkind to those with bigger busts.  When the dress arrived, not only did it easily zip all the way up, but the empire waistline was hardly an issue.  I knew that it was meant to be, and I can confidently say that this dress is now one of my favorite things (yes, I really did just make two song references).

Elizabeth xx


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