Saturday, June 29, 2019

Top of the City

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If you only have time to see one thing in Salzburg, make it the Fortress Hohensalzburg.  This fortress is a symbol of the city, and it also makes for the very best views.  With the purchase of a Salzburg Card, you'll not only get free entry to the fortress (and the semi creepy marionette museum which, for some reason, also resides in the fortress), but a free tram ride to the top of the mountain.  I've heard that the walk to the top isn't that hard, but if you're short on time the tram only takes minutes.  One thing that I wish we had done was eat at the quaint restaurant that sits at the top, which also features the amazing view of the town.

The fortress was built all the way back in the year 1077, and is Europe's largest preserved castle.  As it's located at the top of a mountain, it has never once been overtaken by enemy troops.  The fortress itself is almost like a mini town, but the main attraction is the castle.  Inside are old canons, suits of armor, and exhibits on how the Austrian army used the castle to their advantage over the years.

I really enjoyed my time in Salzburg; I would really love to go back soon.  In fact, if I were given the chance to move there and just give Sound of Music tours everyday, I would 100% jump at that opportunity.  So, Panorama Tours, if you're reading this just shoot me an email - I'll be there when you need me.

Elizabeth xx


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