Friday, August 2, 2019

I Graduated!

Dress - Self-Portrait | Shoes - Shoes of Prey

So I've been a bit MIA this past month, and one of the main reasons why is because I graduated from university in July!  After three years in London, I now have a bachelor's degree in Fashion Marketing.  The weeks around my graduation were so much fun with a number of my family members flying in for the occasion.  I was able rediscover London through my family's eyes and see parts of the city that I hadn't been to in ages or hadn't seen at all.  The week before the ceremony, my mom and I ventured up to Edinburgh - somehow that was my first time in Scotland in the three years that I've lived here.  I loved the city and plan on posting some pictures here soon.

But despite all this fun, it's left a lingering question in the air:

What's next?

To be honest?  I'm not sure.  And that scares me more than anything.  London is more than just my favorite city in the world; it has captured my heart in ways that's hard to put in words.  I've discovered more of myself and felt more comfortable in my own skin in these past three years than I have in my whole life prior to this.  Maybe it's just the college experience, maybe it's just growing up, but I know in my heart that London has been one of the most influential beings in shaping who I am as a person today.  Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox.  This has just been a long way of saying that I've been searching and searching for a job in London, but I'm not quite sure if that'll happen.  But as I've been reminding myself recently, it won't be the end of the world.  FaceTime and WhatsApp exists.  I can pay for international shipping charges.  I can live vicariously through the three years of photos that I have.  And I'll be back.  One day.  I'm sure how, I'm not sure when, but I'll be back.

Elizabeth xx

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