Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Exploring Edinburgh

Dress - Zara | Boots - Miista | Bag - Hvisk | Sunnies - Boohoo

Good afternoon everyone!  I've recently started posting again after an unintentionally long hiatus, and I'm trying to decide what I want this little space of the internet to be.  For so long I've been happy with just posting outfit photos with rather short descriptions accompanying them, however it was really in the past year or so that I've started really enjoying writing in depth posts about my travels.  But with my uncertain future, I don't know how much more traveling I'll be able to do.  Am I still content with just posting pictures of what I'm wearing?  As social media has evolved, I feel like Instagram has become the best place for a quick OOTD.  I think I want to start writing more about fashion itself, more personal anecdotes, and perhaps the occasional story of how I came to get my clothes to accompany my photos, rather than just a simple description what I'm wearing.  I've spent so long trying to improve my images that I produce for this site, I think it's only fitting that I improve my writing as well.  Is there anything that you'd like to read about on here?  

If you couldn't guess from the title, these photos were taken when I was in Edinburgh last month.  I visited the city while my mom was here for my graduation.  Scotland is a place that I had been wanting to see since I first moved to the UK, but I've always missed out on going.  Knowing that my remaining time in the UK could be short, I finally made going a priority.  We both found the city to be a dream.  I'll do an Edinburgh City Guide soon, but we loved everything about this historic city.  Though we were only there for two and half days - meaning we hardly scratched the surface of the possible things to do - we walked up and down the Royal Mile (multiple times), went to a few museums, and ate such delicious food!

After all this talk about what I want this blog to be, I do want to take a quick moment to talk about how much I love this dress.  Last summer, a coworker of mine wore a beautiful Ganni dress to the office, that I immediately fell for.  If anyone is familiar with the brand Ganni, you would know that it's not really in a student's budget.  Fast forward to this summer when I was browsing through the Zara sale online, when I spotted this one.  Though not an exact ripoff replica of the Ganni dress, it's also a long sleeve midi dress that's black with a yellow floral print.  And at £19.99, I was instantly sold.  I already know that I will be wearing this dress all summer and well into the fall (its length and color scheme make it the perfect transitional piece), so be prepared to see me wearing it all the time.

Elizabeth xx


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  1. I really enjoyed Edinburgh too! Did you get to visit some of the musical spots? It has a real rich history of art and music history ! Oh the haggis is arguably devious ☺️


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