Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fave Looks from LFW

I meant to do this sooner but oh well.  Here are my fave looks from London Fashion Week.  The thing I love about London Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week too, is that it just seems more fun than New York or Paris.  Don't get me wrong, I love both New York and Paris Fashion Week, but New York I feel has to start so a lot of the looks from there are less avant garde because it has to gain a large audience.  While Paris is practically the exact opposite from New York; since it's closing fashion week it's usually a lot more couture and crazy extravagant.  Those are both great, but I feel that London and Milan have more options on what they want to show.  Some seasons are more crazy than others.  This season I felt that London was pretty wearable, but there were also some avant garde collections.
The first collection I'm starting with is David Koma:

I didn't know a lot about David Koma before I saw this collection, so I decided to do a bit of research on him.  Originally from Georgia (the country not the state), he is currently based in London.  And though his first collection at LFW was SS2011, he has been designing since he was 15.
Anyway, I just loved to simplicity of this collection.  He used very few colors in his collection; other than the black, white, and blue shown above he also used a pastel salmon and pastel blue.  I love all the lines he was able to create with just simple colors and shapes.
The next collection is Roksanda Ilincic:

This collection is differs a lot from David Koma's collection.  This collection uses lots of and variety of different shapes.  This collection uses lots of black, white, grey, yellow, and bright orange.  Some looks are just black and/or white, while others mix all of those colors.  Regarding shapes of pieces, I loves all of the differences.  She has lots of midi skirts and some knee length dresses.  There's also lots of tapered trousers and oversized tops.  My absolute favorite part of this collection though?  The fabulous shoes! 
The third and final collection I will be talking about is Erdem:   

I think Erdem might just be my favorite collection from London Fashion Week.  It had many complex pieces, yet they just had such an ease to them.  The flowiness of so many of the fabrics gave such a lightness.  Much of this collection was black and white, and almost every look had a flowy/soft/easy part about it.  This collection was just so beautiful I'm almost at a lost for words.  I also love the shoes they paired with the collection.
  The shoes themselves are actually quite hard.  Yes they do have some lace, but the lines of the shoe give it a harder vibe.  Which makes me love them even more with this super soft collection.  If they had paired ballet flats or traditional stilettos, it just wouldn't have had the same vibe.
Well, that's my review for LFW.  There are so many other shows though that I didn't mention, most notably Burberry and Topshop Unique.  Go and check out all of the shows! 

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