Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Forget Homecoming!

Last weekend was homecoming at my school.  I went to homecoming last year, and I thought it was actually pretty boring.  So when a lot of my friends wanted to go to homecoming, I wanted to pass on that.  Luckily at the same time as homecoming, our locally owned theater was doing an Alfred Hitchcock movie night!  I love, love, love Hitchcock movies so of course I wanted to go.  In fact, some of my friends who wanted to go Homecoming even wanted to go to this too.  The theater was playing two of Hitchcock's biggest hits: Psycho and the Birds.  So two of my friends went to the first one with me then went to the dance afterwards. 
Those two friends who went to homecoming wanted a place to get ready.  My place is relatively close to downtown, so the two of them came to my house.  I decided to join in on the fun and dress up too.  Though I didn't dress formally like my friends, I did buy myself a new dress.
I decided to go for a night look with a smoky eye and a nude lip.  I felt it really balanced well with the dress and the occasion.  I am wearing: e.l.f eyeliner and shadow stick in smoke/black, 17 Va Va Voom mascara in blackest black, and L'Oreal Paris Color Riche lipstick in fairest nude.

I am wearing: a Mosimo dress from Target, plain black tights, black wedges from Target, and a silver necklace from Forever 21.  Even though this dress is just from Target, it's actually super edgy and trendy.  The sleeves are made out of neoprene!  How cool is that?  I definitely have an obsession with neoprene right now.
Before the movie, we met another friend downtown and went to dinner at this cute little café.  Only one of us had ever been there before.  You could definitely tell that it was homecoming because there was another big group of teenagers dressed to the nines there.
I had a great time at the movies and even got some other friends to stay and watch the second movie.  My Hitchcock review?  I love both of those movies equally!  I know, I know, it seems like a cop out.  But those movies are just so different from each other.  I just can't choose a favorite!


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