Thursday, May 1, 2014

More Photos from the '60s Museum!

My friend Isaiah finally emailed me the rest of the photos from the 1960s museum!  I personally feel that I look a bit awkward in my photos, however I feel that the other girls look great in their photos!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm dressed as Marlo Thomas who was in the TV show "That Girl."  Here's the link to my first post about the '60s Museum with more pictures of my outfit.
The first photo (after the photos of me) the girl is dressed as Lada Edmond, a famous cage/gogo dancer of the time.  The dress that she's wearing she purchased from etsy, and I feel looks great on her  The fringe also moved amazingly as she danced in the "cage" we built for her.
The next girl is dressed as Twiggy.  Obviously Twiggy had a pixie cut, but we found a photo of Twiggy with a braid extension so she could just braid her hair instead of wearing a wig or cutting her hair.  The dress she's wearing I found at a local thrift store, along with the dress and coat I wore.  I was incredibly happy with this find.  Whenever I picture Twiggy, I always imagine her in a pink dress.  So when I found this one, I knew there was no way I could pass it up.  I also had her pair it with white tights and black shoes which you can't see in the photo.  I wish I had a photo of her eyes because she also did a great job on her eye makeup.
The third girl is dressed as Jackie Kennedy (if you couldn't guess).  I felt that if  she was going to dress up as Jackie Kennedy, we had to find a pink suit for her to wear, similar to the one she wore on that fateful day in 1963.  The suit that she's wearing I found a local Salvation Army.  I found this suit, originally just a basic pink suit, for four dollars there!  I bought it for my friend, and it, amazingly, fit her perfectly!  After I made sure that it fit, my mom helped me add the details.  My mom and I found some navy fabric and trim, and gold buttons.  Then, my mom and I bought a fez and trimmed and covered it like the pillbox hat that Jackie Kennedy wore.  The final finishing touches were the blood stains.  I found a picture online and was able to match the bloodstains fairly close to how they actually looked.  To do this, I just used some fake Halloween blood.  On the day of, my friend added some pearls because as Ms. Kennedy said, "pearls are always appropriate."
Finally, there's my friend who's dressed as Natalie Wood from West Side Story.  The dress that she's wearing originally belonged to my grandmother.  My grandpa was a doctor in Korea during the Korean War.  On his way back from Korea, he stopped in Japan and purchased some fabric for my grandmother.  She then made this dress (and a matching coat).  I felt this dress dress had a great early '60s look that Maria (Natalie Wood's character from West Side Story) would wear.
If you like these photos, you should check out my friend Isaiah's tumblr.  His work is so incredibly amazing.  Definitely go check him out!

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