Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lemons Make Lemonade

Jumper - Etam, Skirt - Target, Boots - Simply Vera (Kohls)

My final post from my California trip.  My grandparents have this great lemon tree in there back yard, and I just knew I wanted to take some photos there.  The lemons were perfectly ripe, making it a great, bright backdrop for the photos.
While I was in California, my grandma took me Christmas shopping.  We went to Kohls, and I found these perfect over the knee boots.  In an earlier post I talked about how I was craving them, and at the time they were out of my price range.  So I was incredibly happy when I found these when Christmas shopping.  I think they fit my style perfectly, as they have a great chunky heal and some cool details without being too overbearing.  I love the look of over the knee boots with skirts and dresses, so for this look I wanted to do just that (and as I've mentioned in all of my other California posts, it was warm so I actually could wear a skirt!).  I paired the boots with one of my favorite skirts right now because the length is perfect for the height of the boots.  Remembering that I would be shooting against a lemon tree, I decided to go for a completely black and white look so I could pop against the yellows and greens of the tree.  I considered doing a purple lip with this, but I thought it might look too... costumey.  I decided to keep my face bare so the outfit didn't read that.
I love looking back at all of my California photos.  As I look out my window now, I see almost a foot of snow outside.  I'm sure I'll be able to see the grass again soon though, you know, maybe April.

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  1. Like your skirt! Wonderful look!
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