Friday, December 5, 2014

San Francisco Fun

Coat - H&M, Dress - Pimkie, Boots - Dr. Martens, Purse - Ross

While I was in California for Thanksgiving, I was able to spend a lovely day in San Francisco.  My mom and I took the ferry to the and went to Union Square.  I had the intent of doing a ton of shopping, but I didn't quite find exactly what I was looking for.  I did get a top from Forever 21, tasty macarons, and some random things at a Japanese dollar store (including blue lipstick).  For lunch, my mom and I stopped at a lovely Irish pub.  After that, we roamed more shops, including H&M and Nordstrom, and took some pictures of the city.  Other than that we didn't do too, too much.  Just being in the city was fun, even if I didn't do anything too "special."
Now, onto what I was wearing.  I wanted to wear something that I could really wear right now where I'm from (that was basically the theme of the whole trip).  I started with this dress that I bought when I was in Paris this past summer.  Riding the ferry can be a bit chilly, because you're out on the bay, so I added tights to the look.  Knowing that I would be doing a ton of walking around the city, I knew that I needed to wear comfortable shoes, which is why I decided to go for my Dr. Martens (people are always surprised when I tell them that my Docs are one of my most comfortable pairs of shoes).  Lastly I wore my favorite coat, which I ended up carrying most of the day because it was so warm once I got to the city, and my small black and white purse.  
It was actually really funny walking around the city and seeing all of the locals who were clearly very cold as everyone was wearing their down coats -- it was only 60 degrees!  However my mom and I were walking around without any coats on and sweating.  When we left the mountains it was 0 degrees, and when I got back it was -15 degrees.  So 60 degrees felt amazing to us!

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