Friday, December 26, 2014

Where's the Snow?

Jacket - Mudd (Kohls), Blouse - H&M, Jeans - Gap, Shoes - Kohls, Necklace - Target, Belt - JC Penneys

Happy day after Christmas everyone!  My Christmas was very relaxing and enjoyable with some close family.  These photos were taken maybe a week or two ago when something weird happened: the snow melted.  We had an unusually warm December week (people were joking that it was May warm), and all of the snow melted.  Everyone wore shorts and t-shirts to school without any coats; it was pretty ridiculous.  
The blouse I'm wearing I bought while I was in H&M.  I hadn't worn it yet, so that's where I started my look.  I'm always cold when I wear my leather jacket, so I only wear it on warm days.  I then threw on my boyfriend jeans and added gold accessories.  I was going to try to take advantage of the fact that there was very little snow and wear some ankle boots, but I couldn't find any that worked with the jeans and had gold hardware.  Because of that, I decided on my new oxfords.
Regarding makeup, I found a tinted Covergirl lipbalm that I forgot that I had, and I thought the color looked really good with the look.

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