Monday, May 18, 2015


Jumper - Primark, Skirt - & Other Stories, Shoes - Steve Madden, Socks - Target, Purse - Zara
Eyeliner - Tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner

Lots of shadows and a breeze make it rather difficult to take successful photos.  A lot of my photos ended up with way too many shadows on my face, which I personally didn't care for.
My outfit inspiration was a mix of 1940s retro and school girl.  The skirt, socks, and shoes came easy to me for styling, plus they're currently some of my favorite pieces, but it was a bit tough for me to decide on a top.  I kept going back and forth between this jumper and a button up.  When I did decide on the jumper, I tried tucking it in before finally deciding that it looks best out.  The white "pearls" on the jumper made me pick the white purse because it brought out the white pearls more.  Finally I added a dramatic cat eye because I felt that above the neck was lacking.

I only have a couple weeks left of school, and then I'll be graduated!  I can't wait to be blogging all the time this summer!

Elizabeth xx

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