Sunday, August 23, 2015

Everywhere Yet Nowhere: The Infamous Adidas Superstars

Let me tell you a story:
Once upon a time I was in New York for Teen Vogue's Fashion University.  While I was there, I noticed a number of girls wearing these sneakers.  To be honest, at first I didn't really like them; I thought they looked a bit bulky and frankly, too white.  I grew up with my parents telling me that only American tourists would wear white sneakers and chic Europeans would never dare touch them (it's rather funny considering both of my parents are American).  Anyway, I came home from the trip and don't really think about them much more.
Fast forward to about May.  At this point I've decided I want a pair of fashionable sneakers.  I had been looking at New Balance primarily, but I kept seeing these around social media.  I look at them with fresh eyes and realize how versatile and chic they are.  After that realization, I'm not sure whether I want these, a pair from New Balance, or even some Nikes (I wrote about my dilemma here).  At some point, I decide I want these, and my unknowingly long search begins.
Starting around June I begin checking online to find a pair (already knowing nowhere in town sells them).  I check site after site; each one is either sold out of them completely or only sells men's sizes.  I would complain about not finding them anywhere to my mom, to which she would say that she just can't believe they're that popular because she hadn't seen anyone in town wearing them; I had to remind her that we live in the middle of nowhere, a place where trends just don't seem to pass through.
I continued my search online until August, which was when I was able travel.  I thought that since I was visiting bigger cities, they would for sure have them.  Well I couldn't find them in Fort Collins or even all of Seattle (after checking about a dozen stores that should have had them (or at least should have had them in my size), a store employee told me that he didn't think any store would have them in the ENTIRE Seattle area).  I left feeling defeated, thinking that I would maybe never be able to get my hands on them.
Last week, I was checking sites again, when behold Champ Sports had restocked!  I put them in my card faster than the Flash himself.  To me, it was actually funny that I found these on the Champ Sports website because it was at one of their stores when that employee told me he didn't think I'd be able to find them.  This was definitely a victory.  
I guess I didn't realize just how popular they really were, but I suppose the moral to my story here is patience.  Be patient and hopefully things will play out in your favor.  :)

Elizabeth xx
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