Saturday, September 19, 2015

Old Red Truck

Jacket - H&M, Shirt - Primark, Trousers - Kohls, Sneakers - Adidas Superstar, Sunglasses - Target

I used to never really care for fall; I never liked the color scheme that came with it (browns, oranges, deep reds and yellows, etc.).  However in the recent years I've realized that I love the wardrobe that it brings.  It's before it gets freezing, so all you need are jumpers/sweaters and light(er) coats.  I often say that I could live in my jumpers and my boots (another great piece fall brings).
Even though fall generally brings in deeper colors, this pastel jacket has always been a favorite of mine.  It's the perfect weight for these months (all though I sometimes wish it were more waterproof), and looks great with everything.  I like to make this coat the statement when I wear it, so I only paired it with neutrals.  While I was taking the photos, my mom pointed out this red truck behind us that I think pairs well with the colors that I'm wearing.  Normally I try to avoid excess cars in my photos, but I think that this really adds to the composition of these photos (I also love the antique vibe from the truck).

On a different note, I just took my very first college exam!  I was a bit nervous for it, but I actually feel really good about it.  I hope everyone else is having a nice start to the school year.

Elizabeth xx


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