Thursday, March 10, 2016

WhoWhatWear for Target

I love it when Target does these special collections.  Usually I like to go on the day it drops so I have the most selection.  However, this time I completely forgot about this collection.  Maybe it was because of my travels from earlier or because of how busy I am with school, but the other day I was just walking through Target and noticed the display.  Lately it seems like a lot of Target's collections have been selling quickly, so I was surprised when they still had a ton of merchandise left.  This is one of the few advantages to living in a non-fashion oriented town because these collections never sell out.  They had a ton of great pieces, but ultimately I decided to go with just these two pieces.  Clearly I have a thing for black and white and stripes, but that's not really a surprise, is it?  The white and black blouse reminds me of a mix between 1970s and 1830s; an odd combination of eras, but that's truly what it reminds me of.  And the dress is actually has an asymmetrical hemline, even though it's kind of hard to tell here.  I'm really excited to start wearing both pieces because it's actually starting to feel like spring here.  You'll be seeing both of these pieces again very soon.

Elizabeth xx

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